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WHY? The Story of John, Manuela and Azmera


This is the story of three people living in very different circumstances around the globe. John lives in the US, Manuela in Austria and Azmera in Ethiopia. When comparing their stories, it becomes clear that climate change is closely linked to social injustice. Dies ist die Geschichte von drei Menschen, die unter sehr unterschiedlichen Umständen rund um den Globus leben. John lebt in den USA, Manuela in Österreich und Azmera in Äthiopien. Wenn man ihre Geschichten vergleicht wird deutlich, dass der Klimawandel eng mit sozialer Ungerechtigkeit verbunden ist.

Who Created This Story?

The authors of this contribution are 16-17 year olds from sixth and seventh grade of BRG Kepler. The Change the Story lessons were part of the elective subject "sustainability".


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